August 17 & 18

C53 Beach City Baby

In the late 30’s, the U.S. Army Air Corps was well behind the world in terms of military aviation.  US Army Air Corps General Hap Arnold knew this needed to change. At the time the slim budget had to be appropriated correctly for fighter aircraft and more specifically bomber aircraft. The German military got the world’s attention however using airborne paratroopers and gliders as effective Blitzkrieg weapons at the beginning of WWII. As a result, orders for troop transports came pouring in. Unfortunately, the demand far outweighed the supply.

Once the United States entered the war however the C-47 /C-53 became the workhorse and backbone of the US war effort. At the end of the World War II, General Eisenhower credited the C-47 / C-53 as being one of the four most important weapons credited with winning WWII.

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